By Ditch 

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who bought a cube of wort. All the cubes produced were sold, so with the help of all the ingredients and cubes being donated, our homebrew club has raised AU$1200 for the Camp Fire Relief Fund. Our club has sponsored the cost of gas, sanitiser, and some miscellaneous items, so that 100% of funds are able to go to the relief fund. Secondly, another thank you to all those who pitched in over the 2 brew days – it was only achievable with the help of many. 

All ingredients were supplied by our sponsors, and Kegland – pls support them back when buying ingredients, and that bigger purchase of equipment. 

Why did Bayside do this: 

  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co, and their community, was directly affected by a devastating wildfire. About 50 employees lost their homes. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co are considered one of the early craft breweries in California, & most influential during the 

  • 80-90s promoting the craft beer movement. 

  • Once Sierra Nevada created the Camp Fire Relief Fund, they published the Resilience IPA recipe, hoping that “200 breweries would sign up”. By mid January, about 1500 breweries had signed up, all donating proceeds to the relief fund. This is a massive response by the USA brewing community to help those affected 

  • By brewing this beer, with the help of our club sponsors, its shows that even in Melbourne Australia, our club cares about our brewing brothers & sisters in the USA. By raising money for charity, we can feel good about ourselves, show the rest of Australia that we are an active, community minded club. 

  • Even by buying a cube, you have helped others. 

  • The money raised has been now donated to the fund 

Our Monster system is so efficient, there were 3 extra cubes made, which were given to our sponsors (Kegland, BeerCo & G&G Yarraville) so that they also put the beer on tap in their stores, and show that they also took part in this kind act. 

Those who helped on the brew day: 

Brewday 1: Ditch, Greg, Mikko, Brett Elliot, Stuart Fleming, Peter, Gavin, Phil 

Brewday 2: Greg, Gav, John Kovacs, Brett Elliot, Brett Tyrrell, Andy, Ditch & Rob Rowe  

Mission Improbable - $1,000 Beer Deluxe Voucher

Beer Deluxe - $1,000 bar tab – 4 hours. 

9 lucky Baysiders chose to accept this mission. 

Saturday the 16th Feb saw a beautiful summers day perfect for sitting in a beer garden, even better with Beer Deluxe footing the bill thanks to our prize from last year’s Smash Challenge. A huge thanks to Greg Hicks for brewing an exceptional beer from what was thought to be a tough hop/malt combo. 

“Would you like a free beer before you start your free beer bar tab” 

The beer gods were certainly with us, on arrival we went to the bar to introduce ourselves and were greeted with the above quote. The Bad Shepherd crew were promoting their new Strawberry Milkshake IPA. Great beer to start on, clean and fresh strawberry but still was a beer. 

Once seated in the beer garden enjoying our first pints and lunches the talk around the tables was about how we would complete our mission, it was decided to take turns going to the bar to make a selection for the group to taste. Tough gig! My first pint was Sierra Nevada Porter on tap - wow, I’ve not had this before and loved it, I plan to have a crack at brewing this one for winter. 

The LIST: 

Bad shepherd - Strawberry Milkshake IPA Sailors Grave - My little juicy farmhouse Bridge Rd - Pale Ale 
Stone - Enjoy after 7.4.16 Brett IPA 
Stone - 22 Anniversary DIPA 
Toppling Goliath - Hopsmack DIPA 
To Öl - Long Table Beer 
Alesmith - Speedway Stout 
Aecht Schlenkerla – Märzen 
La Chouffe – Blonde 
Trappist - Rochefort 10 
Jolly Pumpkin - Costa de villa 
Firestone Walker - Pivo Pils 
Bentspoke - Crankshaft IPA 
3 Fontainen – Kriek 
Rodenbach - Vintage 2015 
Jolly Pumpkin - Fuego del Otono 
Sierra Nevada - Big foot 2015 

I had a taste of so many great beers that normally I wouldn’t have had a chance to sample. The standout for me was the Rodenbach Vintage 2015 “so rounded”. All in all it was a fantastic day out with the Baysiders, lots of laughs. So lets win this years Smash challenge and do it again. Thanks to Beer Deluxe for their hospitality and great service. 

By Gav Gray